PowerCan 200 takes 4th place in National GEKON Competition

Gas Flare 1SOLIDEA, sp. z o.o. PowerCan200 Team has won a major national award for its environmental innovation. More than 400 candidates from some of Poland’s largest power and engineering companies competed to fund development of their new technologies under GEKON financial sponsorship, with full Polish government support.  Good news for PowerCan clients

The production of the new PowerCan starts immediately

PowerCan200 was placed 4th in the GEKON Program and one of the 24 companies of 400 professional applicants who will receive sponsorship (by the National Center for Research and Development, NCBiR, and the National Fund for Environmental Protection, NFOS).

The PowerCan200 converts wood chip and forest waste into synthesis gas. The PowerCan powers a stationary MAN Gas Engine and Combined Heat and Power unit. Since PowerCan200 can produce energy locally on or off grid and given recent events in Ukraine it can yet demonstrate to be well timed and hugely successful in this region.

The Future Of Energy and Waste is a Displaced Energy Grid 

Unlike traditional power sources, PowerCan200 is located at the source of the energy need for example a shopping center of a local hospital for whole communities PowerCan200’s are joined together to provide local power solutions and within a short distance from its energy users. Several PowerCan’s can be reserved for peak load times since PowerCan can be operational and online in minutes the waste needed to convert to energy is far lower financial and environmental cost than batteries

PowerCan200 is a compact container based power plant which produces electricity and heat for whole buildings, communities, infrastructure and industry. Thanks to its innovation it is now capable of maintaining natural gasification with wood chip and cocktails of other bulk handled waste streams.

Energy at the source of demand

The PowerCan200 is a displaced energy device it is located at the source of the demand and because it is movable it can be relocated time and time again. PowerCan200 requires only a 200kW connection it means it is compatible almost anywhere we live or work. One or many PowerCan’s can be deployed to provide off grid solutions within hours.

Since the new renewable laws in Europe protect small scale gasification it can be readily used plug and play and almost anywhere today simple notice of intent to connect to the local grid is now possible in most EU Countries.

The environmental performance of PowerCan is second to none. Converting waste in a closed oxygen starved vessel through “gasification” means the gaseous emissions are limited to gas engine exhaust at the end of CHP cycle. Since synthesis gas is many times cleaner than natural gas PowerCan200 performance is exceptional when compared with other primary or temporary power devices.

PowerCan 200 is being funding for mass manufacture at the Polish Ship Yards where PowerCan Partners will produce an even more efficient, lighter more movable plug and play modular power plant under GEKON funding.

The new PowerCan 200 will receive a major face lift and numerous upgrades, the new PowerCan 200 is to become even more environmentally friendly than its predecessors. PowerCan 200 is readily compatible with more existing infrastructure, safer and more connected plug and play thanks to PowerCan partners.

PowerCan International Development Partners

PowerCan has a developed team, which continue to work together to deliver excellence with “PowerCan Partners” core team are MAN Gas Engines, SIEMENS SCADA Controls, Xtralis Gas and Fire Safety Systems, Enmat Energy and Resource Monitoring and of course its fabrication partners REMONTOWA S.A.

The New PowerCan Family

Since PowerCan 200 development team focused much of the last three years on host compatibility through EVE [Energy Value Engineering] studies PowerCan Industries the focus of developing solutions and integration to further the “PowerCan Way Of Working” has proven invaluable with many ready to fit solutions for the new prototype and final PowerCan product.

PowerCan way of working is well demonstrated in a variety of industry applications already as well as commercial and public assets. Through solving complex waste and energy solutions a “New PowerCan Family” has emerged up and down stream.

Upstream solutions for PowerCan cocktails PowerCan Family include ConverterCan a containerized waste solution being developed with UK P&O Industries. Building on the huge success of P&O in converting medical waste into a reusable feedstock “ConverterCan” broadens the Converta market where it assures a range of commercial users an end to MSW costs, cost risks and associated overheads.

The Stand alone CHP gasification solution

The ConvertaCan is a standalone container for commercial, industrial and public sectors it means all waste streams can be converted to feedstock to offset wood chip feedstock for local or distant PowerCan users or returned elsewhere for recycling and income. ConvertaCan can be mass produced to provide an alternative even for households where home owners donate their MSW to local PowerCan ConvertaCan Schemes which may for example power public utilities such as electric trams and street lighting

Downstream PowerCan 200 family developed ConcordeFT a containerized Fischer Tropsche Unit capable of creating food safe Diesel from synthesis gas produced by PowerCan. ConcordeFT container solution provides alternative to CHP instead converting synthesis gas to Diesel in front of the gasification reactor.  ConcordeFT can be hot swapped so PowerCan 200 users can produce transport fuels or alternatively CHP as and when required.

Food Safe Diesel for self use and remote locations 

ConcordeFT will privilege some industrial companies, agencies and large agricultural users in remote locations with the ability to produce all their food safe Diesel transport fuels from readily available local wood chip and forest waste.

PowerCan 200 and ConcordeFT benefits the local community because it ensure that all fuel economy stays local and benefits the local community. ConcordeFT demonstrates to provide food producers the security of delivery costs when blended into their regular Diesel reducing end consumer prices, prices risks and overall benefiting the regional economy and of course the environment.

Upstream and in adding value to some PowerCan 200 family users PowerCan Industries recently showcased ContainerPonics in view of a wider market of food growers in Central Europe.

As “Containerized Hydroponics” already promise to play a significant part in our future food chain new Containerized Hydroponics schemes are cropping up everywhere. PowerCan Industries strategy prefers not to compete with other brand growers instead ContainerPonics are focused on thinking in the box solutions for the Containerized Hydroponics Industry.

Hydroponics and ContainerPonics Partners


By offering innovation in energy saving and energy offset as well as integration solution with existing asset regimes. Large scale ContainerPonics farms can run on one single PowerCan 200 unit, and the ContainerPonics team will focus on getting more growing space from one power unit rather than more product.

PowerCan 200 can produces much of the water and nutrients needed to grow food hydroponically not just all the energy required to ensure a perfect growing climate. ConvertaCan too plays a significant part of ContainerPonics development and integration especially in certain asset classes such as Prisons, Hotels and Hospitals because it can create all ideal growing medium out of almost any waste stream.

Capping Users Energy Costs


PowerCan 200 strong market performance to cap costs is easily demonstrated since one PowerCan 200 produces all of heat and electricity for a host such as a district hospital, schools, hotels, prisons, warehouses, and retail or office complex’s.

EVE team have already identified 80% energy savings and more from introducing local CHP to major assets. Since local waste values are negotiable it is possible more cost savings are possible.

PowerCan produces all of the heat and most often spare electricity capacity for the local grid in exchange for a fixed consumption of wood waste from the forest and less the waste generated and recycled on site.

New Premises

PowerCan 200 team new built to suit headquarters are being located at the prestigious South Park Technology Centre South of Warsaw. PowerCan 200 will be the anchor for the South Park Development providing itself and other tenants with CO2 free, low cost energy and free heat.



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