Introducing The PowerCan®200 All Organic Hydrogen Battery

Warsaw 28 February 2014

Organic Battery 2You could be forgiven for thinking that the Organic Hydrogen Battery here on the left is a glass plant pot filled with wood-chips because that’s exactly what it is. With an Energy Industry desperate to find effective renewable means to store and distribute energy the SOLIDEA Group energy team has been focusing on some low hanging fruits of its own invention. The PowerCan®200 produces hydrogen on demand from stored renewable wood-chip. It is an all organic low maintenance battery without heavy metal

Wood-Chip To Hydrogen Synthesis Gas [Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Syngas]

Converting wood-chip to hydrogen is a simple and well known process, a down draft gasifier such as the regular PowerCan®200 set up happily gasifies wood-chip in its reactor at temperatures over 500 degrees Celsius 24 hours a day. No smoke stack exists because nothing is burned there are then no gas emissions in the wood-chip to producer gas conversion process.

Everything gets converted to producer gas, some of the wood-chip at the edge of the reactor inevitably becomes partially gasified or charcoal which is mixed with the mineral ash which is produced during the gasification of every natural feedstock. Charcoal and clean mineral ash means first class soil improvement materials even for the most organic of market farmers and these emissions have terrific value.

Producer gas occurs under natural gasification and in the PowerCan®200 it is presented in a slight vacuum to a gas reform unit. After any dust and ash particles are removed by cyclone the gas is ready for cleaning. Producer gas is then reformed passing through a low energy Jacobs ladder, a well tried and tested cold plasma device similar to that used to successfully reform offgas from the sacrificial chambers of VX and SARIN Chemical Weapons process plants in Japan.

The result of this process is super clean Synthesis Gas which can be spent in a proprietary CHP Gas Engine or further reformed in SOLIDEA Groups “Concorde-FT” vertical Fischer Tropsche reactor to produce food safe Diesel. Food safe Diesel and Diesel Waxes are exactly as they sound [not that you would want to eat Diesel Wax] it is non Carcinogenic it is environmentally safe and as wax totally user safe during transportation and storage unlike the Hydrocarbon version.

Synthesis Gas is the building block for all of our energy needs now and in future and it always has been. So far we have chosen the Hydrocarbon Industry rather than the Organic Industry to provide us all of our energy. But energy industry is an ongoing battle which will inevitably lead to an Organic Conclusion simply because Hydrocarbon will run out.

Storing Energy For Hydrogen Production Couldn’t Be More Simple

Lets go back to basics – Wood-chip unlike most other biomass can be accessed from a variety of sources all of the year round. Wood-chip is available in all seasons and because it is easy to store, it can be sorted as it is produced, it needs far less bulk handling than practically any other source of biomass or gasification waste. Wood-chip can be safely stored in existing farm and industry sheds with little adaptation to the infrastructure we already have. Once gasified wood-chip is entirely predictable its emissions completely harmless.

“Infrastructure for the All Organic Hydrogen Battery is everywhere its all around us ready to supply for PowerCan 200 and Wood-chip to Hydrogen supply chain.”

Mankind has groomed and nurtured forests for more than 4,000 years, no other industry could be more organic than that. Wood-chips can be most easily harvested through proactive forest management. Proactive forest management means cleaning the forest floor so it can be penetrated by sunlight which in turn creates growth of herbs and to the benefit of wildlife biodiversity.

Removing low hanging branches to produce wood-chip means better quality forest timber in future, less knots makes better building systems and raw materials for furniture. Overall the forest benefit from mans good forest keeping. A healthy forest may convert twice or more the CO2 it currently processes and far more CO2 can be offset this way than any number of Solar Investments. It is a potential win, win situation now and surely one which will keep the conservation lobby happy.

“Despite what is reported in the news more trees die from disease due to poor forest management than they ever do from forest fires. Forest fires make news headlines meanwhile lack of forest management in so called National Parks results in twice the death and destruction of trees.”

Collecting wood-chip creates real industry and real jobs something that the renewable energy industry tried and didn’t like the end product and its economy is a local resource exempt from world rare metal prices. Unfortunately the All Organic Hydrogen Battery has the opportunity to create a difference without the Circus of Blue Chip Investors

If developed wood-chip actually stops the export of as much as 20% of local wealth and redistributing that wealth locally. The all Organic Hydrogen Battery is already invented and there is no real place for the Private Equity Circus which surrounds all other technologies like solar or storage solutions for these already uneconomic luxuries.

The ability to create renewable energy on demand is all about us but having the ability to turn it on and off as well as up and down come rain shine or blustery day and especially without rare earth metals is a game changer. Until we challenge the economics of wind and solar and now their energy storage solutions? Great if you live on a desert island and have little concern for money but its not reality in larger advanced nations where it can have the most impact.

An Introduction To The Battleship Mentality

As practically every scientist engaged in small scale gasification will confirm small scale gasification works small scale but on a large scale it is simply doesn’t. Natural gasification is predictable in small reactors it is not easy to upscale not at least in any one large reactor

“It’s would not be the first time Synthesis Gas and small scale gasification has provided solutions in crises. During WWII an estimated 4 million cars, trucks and buses were converted for wood-gas. Meanwhile I.G Farben in Poland not only had the capability of producing all of the fuels needed to invade Russia it also provided all of the synthetic rubber and fertilizers for the same effort.”

Having established that small scale gasification works and large scale gasification is fraught with problems we see that a modular system of several 200kWe [plus 260kWth heat] reactors and CHP Stationary Engines provides us a local and local district solution to energy. Placing six or more PowerCan®200’s in a PowerCan®200 array a “Cluster” as we like to call then.

“At SOLIDEA Group Battleship Mentality produces multiples of 1MWe [ideally in a configuration of 5+1 or 5+n] of electricity and a lot of heat. Being a Cluster we can relocate individual units at several locations even a few kilometers apart and redistribute the wood-chip it makes a most efficient distributed cluster one with entry level on almost any size cottage grid connection”  

We made PowerCan®200 movable so we can disperse them locally where the heat has the most effect [hospital, local swimming pool, etc] if a better location demonstrates more convenient simply relocate plug and play PowerCan®200 SCADA infrastructure is ready to connect to all kinds of assets including transport infrastructure. When Concorde-FT® is introduced PowerCan® 200 clusters can redirect synthesis gas to the Concorde-FT® reactor to produce Diesel fuel compatible with any fuel.

Having the “All Organic Hydrogen Battery” [or a whole shed full of wood-chip] we can put our iPhone, iPad or Android device to good use and vary the rate at which we supply our electricity and heat to meet the exact needs of our local grid. Because we have the ability to choose electricity and heat or Diesel transport fuel we can even switch production to provide us all of our transport fuels.

PowerCan®200 is the first renewable energy solution to be able to turn up or down on or off and its all thanks to the All Organic Hydrogen Battery a shed full of wood-chip is the most environmentally friendly way to store hydrogen for electricity or transport fuels however the its a low technology which questions the economics of solar and wind.

PowerCan®200 is far from science fiction it is the rebirth of the technology the United States Government confiscated from Europe to protect the Texas Oil Boom that followed WWII. Before the advent of electricity utilities we took for granted our street were light with gas from a similar gasification process.

“We call the ability of the PowerCan®200 array Battleship Mentality because a cluster of smaller engines can best get you out of dangerous waters even if one or more engines fail, energy security is totally built in.”

The All Organic Hydrogen Battery Versus Rare Earth Batteries In Development

One PowerCan®200 gasification unit built at the Polish Ship Yards costs in the region of 380,000 Euro at the factory gate and even with feedstock from a third party factored in PowerCan®200 can demonstrate a payback period without any subsidies at current energy rate in Poland in less than 5 years.

Interesting to compare PowerCan®200 with Medium Size Wind Turbines which cannot pay back in under 29 years or Solar PV which cannot pay back at 24 years [and assuming you pay no interest] at the current Polish Commercial Energy Rates. PowerCan®200 has the benefit of being able to provide an energy user energy on demand and a lot of free heat.

“As PowerCan®200 is installed in the first Retail Centres in Poland in 2015 we will see the retail centre energy consumption benchmark under 100 kW/m2/year and the lowest in the European Union no wonder its the darling of some of the Big Picture Green Retailers”  

The irony is just now Billions of Euro of investment is being poured into Rare Earth Metal Batteries which will support Solar PV and Wind Energy by storing it making it even less economically viable. Whilst PowerCan®200 has such a short payback period take a good look around there are thousands of empty “All Organic Hydrogen Batteries” ready to be get plugged in!


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July 1 2015 Gdansk

New PowerCan SOLIDEA Group PowerCan team have handed over the New PowerCan at the SOLIDEA RUMIA Gas Motorworks in the Gdansk Ship Yards in Poland.

The New PowerCan [right] seen here with the PowerCan 200 [left] is an Updraft Gasifier. “Whilst it comes as some surprise to the Industry Up draft Gasification provides more benefit

Gas Flare 1SOLIDEA, sp. z o.o. PowerCan200 Team has won a major national award for its environmental innovation. More than 400 candidates from some of Poland’s largest power and engineering companies competed to fund development of their new technologies under GEKON financial sponsorship, with full Polish government support.  Good news for PowerCan clients

The production of the new PowerCan

Wroclaw, 26 February 2014

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