Higher Energy Costs Driving Solar Solutions in West Africa

Accra 17th March 2012

Fuel prices for business and household electricity generation have noticeably increased all across West Africa in the last few months, electricity take off and the booming minerals industry is creating exceptional energy demand in West Africa; power cuts and outages are all too frequent as the local networks get regularly over loaded.

Several million businesses and households are at risk daily from power outages, they rely on generation sets and while the system resets and the network demand calms down. In Accra Ghana for example outages can last from a few minutes to several hours, in the Ivory Coast SOLIDEA Group is looking at renewable energy solutions for a range of critical service providers who inevitably become solely dependent on the back up generators for a significant part of their working day.

Rooftop and field solar is now seen as both a quick fix and in the long run a way to reduce these outages as surplus energy goes onto the net, reducing the strain at peak time.

All SOLIDEA Group West African representatives have predicted a high sales and a strong market position emerging in sub Saharan Africa and SOLIDEA Group are committing yet more resources to develop this market as well as North West Europe over the next few years.

Since field PV panels costs were driven below 0.80c/Watt Euro at the beginning of 2012 and investors can see the steady rate of price decline more and larger projects are coming to fruition.

SOLIDEA Groups policy to joint ventures local investors and field developers is paying off SOLIDEA Group is engaged in “Project Manufacturing” an open book method of manufacturing that is working  well and welcome in West Africa. Investors can see the costs and share discounts as time moves on.  We are working very well with CHP PowerCan® 200 and Solar says SOLIDEA Groups Steve Walker

There is much biomass production activity in West Africa its being exported all over the world and with great success; demonstrating biomass availability and abundance is no longer a worry in West Africa today its no longer a risk for financing a project according to Steve.



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July 1 2015 Gdansk

New PowerCan SOLIDEA Group PowerCan team have handed over the New PowerCan at the SOLIDEA RUMIA Gas Motorworks in the Gdansk Ship Yards in Poland.

The New PowerCan [right] seen here with the PowerCan 200 [left] is an Updraft Gasifier. “Whilst it comes as some surprise to the Industry Up draft Gasification provides more benefit

Gas Flare 1SOLIDEA, sp. z o.o. PowerCan200 Team has won a major national award for its environmental innovation. More than 400 candidates from some of Poland’s largest power and engineering companies competed to fund development of their new technologies under GEKON financial sponsorship, with full Polish government support.  Good news for PowerCan clients

The production of the new PowerCan

Warsaw 28 February 2014

Organic Battery 2You could be forgiven for thinking that the Organic Hydrogen Battery here on the left is a glass plant pot filled with wood-chips because that’s exactly what it is. With an Energy Industry desperate to find effective renewable means to store and distribute energy the SOLIDEA Group energy team has been focusing on… Read More