Free Gasification Resources

Here are some free Gasification Resource Papers

“The Handbook Of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems”

Gasification Handbook

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This document provides a technical insight into the down draft gasification process how it works and how it compares with typical gasification reactors

Like our PowerCan® 200 the document focus on small scale gasification as the 200kW device is most proven and tested. Small scale gasification can produce clean synthesis gas for the production of high grade chemical such as transport fuels.

At SOLIDEA Group small scale gasification and energy security for our clients and their networks is our top priority and this is why we are dedicated to PowerCan


IRENA Biomass Cost Data 2012

IRENE Working Paper

This IRENA working document [International Renewable ENergy Agency] gives us an insight into current trends and beliefs for efficiency in biomass technology mainly in the United States.

Although our projects and project results are not truly considered in these findings it is an interesting document relating to authority perception in the United States in 2012

The document provides us an interesting link to the efficiency of the various other types of technology and the abundant, current activity in the field

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