Cola Air, the world’s first Renewable Cola

Amsterdam July 29, 2012

Modern bottling plants are designed to consume far less water than lets say a decade ago. SOLIDEA Group have come up with a new idea, using SOLIDEA’s own AirWell+ and providing pure condensed water from the atmosphere. “We have considered Schiphol Airport roof in Amsterdam to illustrate how Cola Air might work” says SOLIDEA’s Steve Walker “The air above Schiphol is just perfect for the Worlds first renewable Cola”

The SOLIDEA AirWell+ condenses pure untainted water from the atmosphere ideally using an onsite renewable energy resource. Steve Walker thinks that Schiphol Airport’s Municipal Solid Waste [MSW] including soft drink manufacturers empty plastic bottles [and with the same outcome no matter if they are PET or any other type], or even the waste from the sewage system “sludge” dried and pelletized as feedstock for PowerCan® 200 units would be the perfect renewable energy source for the worlds first Cola Air bottling plant.

“An Airport like Schiphol produces many tons of MSW and potential sewage feedstock solids everyday” Says SOLIDEA’s Steve Walker “100% gasification of MSW and H-WtE has zero emissions so Cola Air is the worlds first Zero Net Emission and renewable soda drink”.

SOLIDEA Group first had the idea for producing Renewable Cola after reviewing water wastage and cost and energy savings for a bottling plant for a large soft drink producer. The idea of Cola Air is that it would be marketed for public opinion on a National Airline Carrier testing it in the Air, hence the perfect name.

SOLIDEA can make the water for Cola Air from fresh air; and it is as a statement in stark contrast to the normal bottling plant water consumption. “Cola Air can be made from a small fraction of the volume of water and energy wasted by the normal bottling plant” Says Steve Walker “Making many smaller efficient bottling plants, using existing packaging for feedstock and dispensing the product from a local site means that a product has far less embedded emissions, and this is very important statement especially to young people these days”

“Condensing water from the atmosphere using all renewable energy is probably one of the greenest things you could do for the environment right now” Says Steve “We also think that Schiphol, Amsterdam and the Netherlands who are at natural risk from increasing high water levels is the most befitting location for the production of the worlds first Renewable Cola”

Every 4 tons of Garbage per day collected from Schiphol airport produces 200kWe of electricity its more than enough to condense 20,000 liters a day of pure water from fresh air. “This is more than enough Cola Air to keep all of the skies filled with Renewable Cola” says Steve ” As the PowerCan® 200 WtE process produces 260kWth of hot water for free with every 4 tons of MSW “there is more than enough energy produced on site to pay off the installation CAPEX and in months rather years. Cola Air is one of the worlds most sustainable projects”

Whilst pure water is not necessarily good for you. “First it needs to be doused with minerals” Says SOLIDEA’s President Dr. Janusz Przeorek “As our dousing food scientists can replicate any leading brand of water [even make it better] we are not only able to serve up the worlds first Renewable Cola; we can marginally improve its water content and make it far healthier than most other Soda Drinks you might be served in the Air”

As large volume bottlers have many problems right now coming to terms with universally acceptable “Watergy” practices and packaging “We are willing and open to talk to anyone about Renewable Cola and Cola Air using the SOLIDEA AirWell+” says Steve “We are looking forward to studying its potential at a number of the worlds airports and hanging out with anyone looking for a great product”





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July 1 2015 Gdansk

New PowerCan SOLIDEA Group PowerCan team have handed over the New PowerCan at the SOLIDEA RUMIA Gas Motorworks in the Gdansk Ship Yards in Poland.

The New PowerCan [right] seen here with the PowerCan 200 [left] is an Updraft Gasifier. “Whilst it comes as some surprise to the Industry Up draft Gasification provides more benefit

Gas Flare 1SOLIDEA, sp. z o.o. PowerCan200 Team has won a major national award for its environmental innovation. More than 400 candidates from some of Poland’s largest power and engineering companies competed to fund development of their new technologies under GEKON financial sponsorship, with full Polish government support.  Good news for PowerCan clients

The production of the new PowerCan

Warsaw 28 February 2014

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