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Finally 100% Finance for SOLIDEA Zero Net Energy Projects in Poland

Warsaw Arpil 19, 2012

Warsaw CentrumSOLIDEA announced that up to 100% finance was now available to SOLIDEA clients with shopping centers and office developments in Poland. Companies looking to reduce their energy bills to Zero Net Energy status using SOLIDEA renewable energy solutions could now qualify for the finance to do it.

“Our clients consider our Zero Net Energy solutions as an extra tenant potentially paying more income every month from the installations than is paid in utility bills”. Continue reading

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Powertextiles the Game Changer

Scotland April 2, 2012

Inspired by extending the Scottish soft fruit season by a just a few weeks Robert Mather and his team have developed durable Powertextiles that produce electrical energy through applied photovoltaics to the fabric surface. This ultra low cost application has already delivered test results demonstrating 5% and more efficiency can be readily achieved Continue reading

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TGSolar and SOLIDEA’s hot new deal on “Spectra” PV Vision Glass

Seoul March 23rd 2012

Solidea Spectra Optima

BiPV Solidea's "Spectra" Optima Panel

South Korea’s TGSolar and SOLIDEA have agreed an OEM deal for the sale and distribution of “Spectra” in over 30 countries including Europe and the entire MENA region.  The Spectra BiPV system adds a lot of value to the Building-integrated photovoltaic market says Dr. Janusz  Przeorek President of SOLIDEA in Central Europe Continue reading

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