PowerCan® 200 Fuel & Transport

Small gasification devices like the PowerCan® 200 have significant impact on fuel prices.

SOLIDEA Group Monitor the bulk prices of WtE gasification fuels, for example Biomass, RDF [Refuse Derived Fuel] and Coal Dust mixes. The current publication of market prices is here


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The PowerCan® 200 can reduce CO2 emissions in many branches of the Fuel and Transport sector and not only from producing electricity and heat locally from local waste.

The PowerCan® 200 produces very clean Syngas which can be converted using the Fischer Tropsche method to Syn- Diesel. Syn- Diesel [is different to Bio-Diesel] can be used in practically any Diesel engine. Syngas can be converted to various other types of fuels including Propeller and Jet Engine Fuels the Doha Qatar to London England flights have successfully used this fuel technology for the benefit of the environment for some time

Having studied the needs of many transportation and distribution companies PowerCan® 200 research and development team continue to publish and report their findings


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SOLIDEA Group advisory choose The PowerCan® 200 for EVE® stage FOUR offsetting all energy in the modern warehouse and distribution centre. Warehouse and logistics operators choose The PowerCan® 200 for any facility to become Zero Net Energy and to ensure Zero Landfill contribution

EVE® Workshops [Energy Value Engineering] PowerCan® 200 Warehouse and Logistics Solutions

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