About PowerCan® 200 Technical Description

The PowerCan® 200 is a 200kWe+260kWth CHP [Combined Heat and Power] small power renewable energy power station built into and about a 20ft Steel Shipping Container.

The PowerCan® 200 is a totally movable small power station because it is plug and play it can be installed and income producing within hours of delivery. PowerCan® 200 gasifies local waste locally to produce very clean Syngas, PowerCan® 200 Syngas can produce Heat and Electricity or its clean Syngas can be converted to produce transport fuels anywhere.


Assembly of the first 2013 Biomass PowerCan® 200 units commences within the next month. During 2013 The PowerCan 200 team hopes to commence the final Research and Design to roll-out Power Can® 200 from a production line and to offer the world an off the shelf energy solution in a can.

Highlights of our Research and Development Program are

  • Make our gasification technology lighter and make it more movable.
  • Fully test and make final development of the gas cleaning process and its catalyst in real working conditions
  • Develop our gas cleaning technology to be even more efficient reduce costs and reduce weight
  • Develop our Diesel Engine to Syngas Conversion to be more compatible to all engines
  • Develop our PowerCan® 200 product to showroom product with global certification

During 2013 and 2014 we will research and develop PowerCan® 200 feed in system to process many different types of sorted feedstock in all kinds of conditions. We are particularly keen to develop consistent high quality Syngas which can be most easily converted to provide the full range of transportation fuels anywhere.

The PowerCan® 200 team are based in Poland and elsewhere SOLIDEA Group are Polish Companies the PowerCan® 200 is manufactured and assembled in Poland at the Remontowa Gdansk S.A Group “RUMIA” works in Gdansk.

The basic principles of PowerCan® 200 are here the combined integration of five technologies Small Scale Gasifiers, Gas Reform, Gas Cooling, Syngas Converted Diesel Engines and high tech elegant containerized packaging and control.

The principles of PowerCan® 200 are illustrated below


Energy Balance PowerCan®200

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