PowerCan® 200 & Public Works

PowerCan® 200 uses a variety of local waste sources to produces feedstock for gasification. These feedstock’s are a local fuel or can be traded locally with other local power users.

PowerCan® 200 a special place in a public space

Public Parks and spaces benefit from good grooming, local communities can donate their sorted waste to Parks and Public spaces as sponsors of the local community. As our research and development discover the PowerCan® 200 can have significant impact within the local community, for heating the local swimming pools, sport halls and other local community facilities.

PowerCan® 200 produces a constant supply of electricity and heat from up to 4 tons of waste per day. PowerCan® 200 can be adapted to produce Diesel and other fuels as good economy or part of a national energy security policy.

All roads lead to gasification

SOLIDEA Develops Renewable Energy solutions for Public Works, Highways and Infrastructure. Good grooming on the highways and by the railways produces valuable feedstock for gasification, good management practice can make all infrastructure Zero Net Energy

The PowerCan® 200 research and development team continue to publish their findings promoting small scale gasification in our local communities

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