PowerCan® 200 Mining, Minerals and Oil

The PowerCan® 200 can be an ideal power solutions for the extraction and process of many resource industries

PowerCan® 200 research and development team have considered many types of solutions that small scale gasification can provide and for many different industries.  PowerCan® 200 can be used to provide energy in remote locations like Canada’s gold mines where a combination of making camp waste extinct locally can be combined with locally available wilderness biomass for almost zero local impact. Because PowerCan® 200 is totally moveable on all types of transport it can be deployed as a reliable energy solution in almost all theatres

SOLIDEA Group develops all types of renewable energy and energy saving solutions for the Mining, Minerals and Oil Industry the research and development team at PowerCan® 200 continue to publish their findings in support of small scale gassification powered by local waste worldwide

SOLIDEA Group advisory conducted initial Due Diligence for the impact of  PowerCan® 200 for the Éléonore Gold Mine in Quebec Canada

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