PowerCan® 200 – The Forest and Lumber Industry

The PowerCan® 200 is the perfect companion for the Forest and Wood Industry it is especially popular with our Bulgarian clients. Being movable the PowerCan® 200 can always be relocated as the lumber business grows. Many Forest and Lumber businesses already produce high quality wood pellets to be sold elsewhere in Europe. The PowerCan® 200 then can be the perfect partner to convert forest and wood waste into electricity and heat, whilst the electricity is sold to directly to the grid the heat compliments the existing pellet business reducing almost all of the process cost of heating required to make pellets. Our research and development program for 2013-2016 for PowerCan® 200 is based on the success of existing static wood-chip gasification systems in the UK and elsewhere. The future PowerCan® 200 will be re-designed lighter more compact our movable system is designed for multiple feedstock use with wood-chip cocktail such as seasonal agricultural waste and even local sorted MSW fibre.

More than 75% of the trees harvested on the forest floor become waste in the process of felling and sizing lumber. The PowerCan® 200 gives these industries the cutting edge, turning waste into electricity and heat from process. PowerCan®  200 is a modular business that grows. SOLIDEA Group is a service based company which assists its clients in the field to develop their renewable energy networks.

In future our clients will grow their modular energy networks they locate their PowerCan® 200’s at hospitals and retail centres building their wood-chip distribution business as a local commodity.

Producing electricity, heat and transport fuels locally creates jobs and local wealth PowerCan® 200 promotes local wealth distribution.


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