PowerCan® 200 & Agriculture and Food

The PowerCan® 200 research and development team have identified that our technology is compatible with a wide range of Agricultural departments. SOLIDEA Group worldwide makes PowerCan® 200 affordable for small and medium size operations as well as large agricultural industrial applications

Some of the many PowerCan® 200 “Performance Studies” are already published and are readily available for download here


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Detailed project studies are accessible to sponsors and participants through the Client Login link

SOLIDEA Group Commitment to Reducing CO2 in Food and Agriculture 

Ironically its the food industry which creates most CO2 impact in modern society factory farming methods significantly add CO2 in aid of global warming. The most impact we can have in this industry is to promote eating and wasting meat. The second is to look for offset

We are working with several food industry clients to help them reduce their CO2 footprint and to achieve Zero Net Energy status. Here is an example of one of our study workshops for one of the Worlds largest Coffee Shop Industries

Coffee Bean Cycle Flow Chart Thumb

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Other PowerCan® 200 resources on line: Coffee Grids Feedstock

Energy and The Redistribution of Wealth – Agriculture

The PowerCan® 200 promotes “Energy Farming” the process of turning waste into energy locally means that all sizes of agricultural business can participate in the “New Energy Economy”

Even small holdings and subsistence farmers produce or have access to sustainable sources of biomass and waste which they can bulk handle or it can be bulk handles within their local community. Biomass can be converted for local energy production or redistributed locally for collective energy production – “a redistribution of wealth occurs in a combined local energy and waste policy which promotes private development and ownership of displaced energy networks. The economy and security of a Nation benefits from cleaner energy and better energy distribution it creates stable energy prices it redistributes wealth, it is inevitable its is the New Energy Economy




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