About PowerCan® 200

PowerCan® 200 is a SOLIDEA Group project

  • SOLIDEA Group is a “Renewable Energy Development Company” we develop energy projects and we provide “After Meter Services” to small and medium businesses.
  • PowerCan® 200 and the PowerCan® 200 project team are part of the SOLIDEA Group
  • PowerCan® 200 and PowerCan® 200 developments, distribution and consumer services are continued through the SOLIDEA Group of companies worldwide
  • Most SOLIDEA Group EVE® Clients already have PowerCan® 200 on their sustainability road map for EVE® stage FOUR, we generate a lot of business with existing clients
  • PowerCan® 200 team is a group of eminent Polish Scientists and International Businesses who continue to dedicated their lives work to sustainable energy, the reduction of CO₂
  • PowerCan® 200 team conclude a clear and concise Research and Development program for the timely delivery of the PowerCan® 200 IN 2013-2016

The Short Term Program

The Medium Term Program

The Long Term Program

  •  PowerCan® 200 team will develop a range of movable solutions for the waster to energy industry SOLIDEA Group are developing its own technology including Fischer Tropsche, SPET’s [Soft plastics evaporation technologies]   
  • PowerCan® 200 team play a significant role in reducing CO₂ and landfill at its source through the promotion of small scale gasification, locally, regionally and worldwide.

“Small scale gassification, dispersed power generation and smart energy grids offer our European Community the real energy security of the future”  

Dr. Janusz Przeorek, SOLIDEA Group President


SOLIDEA Group and PowerCan® 200 team Corporate and Social Responsibility

“we are dedicated to make a better world and to leave a better environment for our children and our children’s children; a world better than we received ourselves – we are motivated and stand by this core objective and are we ready to help and work with all others who can believe the same”

– Steve Walker


You can follow this link for a technical description of PowerCan® 200

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